Review: Garnier Clean Plus Nourishing Cleansing Oil

I recently received a single use sample packet of the new Garnier Clean+ Nourishing Cleansing Oil in the mail and decided to do a quick product review here on the blog. As you can see by the photo below it says

In one use: Deeply cleaned and hydrated skin.
In one week: 100% of women felt skin is smoother and softer.
Customized cleansing: Instantly dissolves impurities and make up with no residue.
Plus skin type specific care: Formula with the jojoba and macadamia oil helps replenish moisture.

on the back of the 5 mL sample. Now normally I do not use Garnier™ products to clean my face. I’m a Clean and Clear™ girl, always have been. C&C works for me so I just stuck to their products in addition to my homemade facial scrubs and masks.

However I’m not opposed to branching out and trying something new so let’s get to it.

Now from the little preëmptive checking I did online earlier today, I see that some people are using this as a “pre-cleanser” before their regular cleanser but that’s not what I will be doing today. To me that is a wasted step, at least in my case, because my C&C cream cleanser works great all by itself. I like keeping my routines as simple and yes as quick as possible without sacrificing my face in the process.

As I tear it open, right away I notice the pleasant citrus scent. (That sentence may be confusing for those of you who know from a earlier post that I lost my sense of smell in a freak accident several years ago. Think of my particular injury like somebody attempting to play a song on a piano that’s missing several keys. You may be able to name the song even with the missing notes but its not as beautiful as it once was. While I can still smell to some small extent, in order for me to truly smell something it has to hit just the right notes and yes there are certain scents I literally can not smell at all. It does have its uses like when I drive past a certain local paper-mill, but there are certain things, like some flowers, that although still beautiful, all I have is the memory of the smell.)

Onto the actual testing phase…
The directions say to:

Apply with dry hands on to dry face.
Close eyes to remove eye make up.
Wet face to emulsify oil.
Alternate use with Smoothing Cream Cleanser.

Okay well that seems simple enough to me. I do have make up on right now so let’s see how well this works to remove my “everyday face”.

-The oil itself is clear and silky feeling on my hands as I apply it.

-There’s a nice refreshing tingle as it cleans my skin.

-It didn’t burn my eyes while removing my mascara and waterproof liner but I did have a bit of mascara residue left over. I think that was more me and the application process than it was any fault of the product itself. (I’ve had bad reactions to facial cleansers in the past and lost all my eyelashes at one point in junior high so I was extra careful around my eye area.)

-I did not have any of the Garnier moisturizer on hand so I went with my regular Clean and Clear™ gel moisturizer. (By the way if you have not tried the new gel yet, it’s skin Nirvana in a tube. I had to order it online since my local Wal-Mart does not carry it.)

To wrap things up…

-It did moisturize my skin but not so much more than other product out there.

-I can’t really tell a difference between it and my regular face wash and skin care routine, not after just the one use anyway.

-It does not have the oily after effects that baby oil or even extra-virgin olive oil leaves when I use it to wash my face so that is a plus.

-My skin does feel nice and smooth, refreshed and clean, so I would use it again but I’m not sure I would rush right out to buy it for the sake of buying it.

UPDATE: After checking the blogosphere and doing some further research, I wound up purchasing this product from my local store. I had a coupon and there was a store wide sale on all beauty products going on so I got it cheap. (Regular price at my local Wal-Mart is only $5.97 so it’s not expensive at all if you want to buy it without a coupon.) I plan on alternating between this cleansing oil, my normal cream cleanser and my face scrub. I wash my face a couple of times a day on the days I hit the gym or go for a long morning run so my face does need a little extra moisture on occasion and I think by alternating the 3 cleansers I should be able to “regulate” my face for lack of a better word.

Let me know in the comments section below if you have an opinion or questions about this product and thanks for reading.


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