A little hope and some blind faith

A side effect of this medical leave that never even crossed my mind before this stuff with my vision happened is that since I’m on “vacation” I’m no longer doing enough physically during the day to be tired at night. I logged 16 miles on my pedometer at my last wedding but until my doctor can figure out what’s going on, I’m on strict orders.

No photos.

No books.

No computer work of any kind.

No driving.

And with my eyesight going in and out constantly I can’t even really get any enjoyment of walking around outside in my own yard because sudden onset blindness apparently comes with sudden onset vertigo! It’s frustrating to try and do anything.

So basically I sit inside all day and watch TV, listen to the radio and play on my phone. Thank God for Siri on my iPhone and audiobooks on my iPod! Oh and thank my Argus and Runkeeper apps for (sometimes forcibly!!!) encouraging me to log at least a mile a day. But let me tell you, for a person who already has really bad insomnia, a mile is nothing on the energy scale and I’m wide-awake all night, pretty much every night.

I am slowly coming to grips with the possibility that I’m losing my eyesight. Not sure if it’s temporary or permanent but I am refusing to panic either way. Right now things are still undecided so there is still hope that it’s something minor and fixable. That’s all I really need. Hope and faith have gotten me through tougher situations. I’m a fighter and a survivor and I’ll make it through this.

I’ll try and post another update soon but that’s all I’ve got for now. Bye.


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