20 Randoms About Me 

I was recently tagged by my cousin Deneen on Facebook to play the “Random 20 Game” and I just decided to share my list with all of you, my friends and followers here in the blogosphere, that might not have seen it on my personal social networks. 


1. I have more genetic quirks than anybody else I know. I can roll my tongue, cross my eyes, raise either (or both) eyebrows, and wiggle my nose. I am both double jointed and ambidextrous, plus I have a eidetic (aka photographic) memory.

2. What scares the crap outta everyone else usually makes me happy. (I totally blame the adrenaline junkie daredevil gene on the Wilson DNA btw.)

3. With all the crazy stuff I’ve done in the hunt for my next adrenaline rush, I’ve only broken the bones in 2 fingers and 1 toe. I’ve had a lot of stitches though. 🙂

4. I speak 7 languages including Mandarin Chinese. 

5. I have a ton of nicknames inc “Trouble”, “Gypsy”, and “Wikipedia”, all given to me at different times from different people for different reasons. 

6. I’m a true-blue southern-raised country girl. I love to ride horses & quad ATVs; love bonfires, fishing & camping out under the stars. 

7. But I’m just as comfortable in the city, whether it’s watching a play on Broadway or eating at the hottest new 5 star restaurant in Manhattan.

8. I do have a hair-trigger temper. I get it honestly though, from both sides of the family, but I’ve learned self control and restraint over the years and most people never see beyond the eternally-optimistic-always-smiling-shiny-happy-go-lucky facade that’s my “normal” look.

9. Said temper once got me a standing ovation during a Super Bowl party at my house. (It’s actually a funny story.)

10. I cuss way too much but I’m apparently very good at it. (It’s something I’m working on but it goes hand in hand with the Irish temper.)

11. There’s a reason for each of my tattoos and I don’t care if people think less of me for them or not.

12. Actually, truth be told, I could care less what is said about me in this town because I don’t have the time or extra energy for the drama of chasing down every rumor mill. 

13. Shoes and books are my two biggest obsessions. 

14. Traveling is my passion. I have a perpetual case of wanderlust and would love to just go somewhere new everyday.

15. I love to play pool, darts and cards. 

16. I can also draw (thanks dad) and play music (thanks mom).

17. I used to be a bartender once upon a time but I despise the taste of beer. If I drink, it’s usually liquor or mixed drinks.

18. I’m a total fiend for a good love story, in either book or movie form.

19. I’m a die-hard Alabama Crimson Tide football fan. 

20. I would totally love a good bowl of spicy Louisiana gumbo or crawfish e’touffe but I’m highly allergic to all peppers now. 😦

Feel free to reciprocate in the comments section below or hit me up on my other social media accounts: 


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