It’s been a “dysfunctional” few days. 

**1** Someone hit the roadside telephone box (yet again!) and knocked out my internet on Saturday. The AT&T repair guy finally came by this morning and was able to get everything back working so now I am playing catchup. Y’all know I have almost no cell phone service here at the house and rely more on the web to stay in touch so I’m sorry if you tried to reach me over the weekend and couldn’t. Now you know why!

**2** The upright freezer has been leaking and it’s been sort of a non-issue but now the occasional drip that it’s always done has turned into a damn flood. Of course it is packed full of food but thankfully a replacement freezer is able to be delivered today so nothing should be ruined. It is a PITA though to move all the furniture between it’s designated “spot” and the nearest door. Now I’m just waiting for the delivery guys to get here and of course I have very little patience on my best day!

**3** Of course I feel like roadkill today because I had another episode with my allergies after breakfast this morning. I don’t know what set it off because I know my trigger foods and don’t even have them in the house! I was able to stop it before it turned into full blown anaphylaxis but now my throat hurts, I’m twitchy from the adrenaline and have to get my epi-pen refilled ASAP.

**So basically** Either it’s been Monday every day for the past few days, I’ve been cursed with the worst luck ever or somebody is having way to much fun with a voodoo doll of yours truly! At least I was able to catch up on some shows off the DVR including #ICanDoThat #RoyalPains #Suits #Complications #GracelandTV #BarRescue #MajorCrimes and #MurderInTheFirst.


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