About the fire

It’s been a very long couple of days. There was a small electrical fire in my house late Sunday night/early Monday morning. I was still awake and heard the hissing and popping coming from the dining room hallway area around 2 am. I was able to put the flames out right away and thankfully nobody got hurt which yes is a blessing. But not only did the heater that shorted out, the outlet it was plugged into, as well as a small portion of the wall around the outlet, all burn but it shorted off half the breaker box for the whole house. That has been the biggest problem. To put it bluntly, it’s been a giant PITA.

At different times over the last two days, I’ve randomly either had no heat, no hot water, no power in certain rooms, or no power at all. We spent all day yesterday trying to repair at least some of the damaged breakers and was able to get electricity to the electric fireplace so we would have heat last night as well as to the big appliances (other than the stove and dryer). Well, this morning when I got up, all the ceiling lights had lost power and so had the refrigerator. Now it looks like the main breaker may need replacing too and I’m waiting on the electrician to come fix whatever it is that’s not working. See: giant PITA. 

I’m trying to stay positive throughout this because I know it could have been much worse. So yes I’m thankful that the damage was mainly limited to one outlet. I’m beyond thankful nobody was hurt. That I had heat last night so I didn’t have to go to a hotel or crash on a friends couch. I’m even grateful (for once!) that I have insomnia and was awake to put out the fire. I’m thankful that we had an electric skillet left from the four months I lived out of hotel rooms and can at least cook something to eat. That I have running water, even if it is cold, even if I really wish I had hot water for a shower.

But I can’t help from being mad in the middle of all this too because it just had to happen in the middle of a cold spell. Right when I was going on no sleep the day before, and had been awake for 22 hours straight. Right when I had just finished my never ending to do list, was tired enough to finally surpass the insomnia, was getting ready to go take a hot bath and go to sleep. (Yes, damn it, I was really looking forward to that bath and getting some real rest instead of the two or three hour cat naps I have to make do with most of the time.)

After being awake for another whole day while dealing with all this, I did manage to get a solid six hours of sleep last night and after eating a small breakfast this morning, my level of grumpiness dropped from a 7 to a 4. I’m still not exactly fit for human company and I am definitely not my normal cheery self. I am trying to think positively and not to dwell on all the negative, but I’m not really sure how well I’m doing because those residential wiring classes I took back in high school have me thinking of everything that could possibly be wrong with the breaker box (and with the rest of of the wiring in this old house) while I’m impatiently waiting on the electrician to get here. I am not really a patient person on my best day and this is far from being my best day ever.

***UPDATE*** I was not counting on having to start my week off with a mini-crisis but now that the electrician has come and gone, I can somewhat relax because he got everything back working. And he didn’t charge me an arm and a leg to do it. I would normally call on one of my uncles that’s in the electrical business for something like this but one died last year and the other one is out with a bad injury right now so I had to go with someone I didn’t know (which didn’t help my mood any) but he was great. Thanks Jeffery and Marth for the recommendation!


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