Weird week!

This has been the strangest week! First off the over-flow freezer quit working. Since it was a temporary rental just for what wouldn’t fit previously in the regular freezer, and had acted up one other time, we sent it back. Then the fire Monday morning and the subsequent electrical problems that took two days to fix. Then the refrigerator quit working. Or more specifically the freezer side did. Talked to a family friend who used to build and repair them and his advice had no effect whatsoever as far as getting the freezer to start up again. It did knock the fridge side out though which made no sense to anybody we spoke to in the last four days. But here’s the kicker, an hour before the repairman was finally due to come today, both sides randomly started working again. Seriously. I’m just like wth?! Can this week get any worse? Ugh!


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