Rain outside = Slutty Brownies inside 

What’s everyone up to today? As for me, I’m hiding indoors, out of the rain. (Side note: I learned a new word recently while doing research for a friend that sums up the weather outside. Gluggavedur. It is Nordic-Icelandic and literally translates into “window-weather” as in the type of weather that is best appreciated indoors and out a window. How cool is that?)


It’s been a productive day already though because the groceries are put away and there is a batch of citrus water chilling in the fridge (alongside the southern sweet tea of course) since I’m still trying to cut down on actual sodas. There’s even some chocolate-y goodness in the oven.

Since I had half a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge after my Mom stole it from the freezer to make cookies for RV this weekend and a stockpile of brownie mix in the cabinet, I decided to make Slutty Brownies.

You have probably heard of them by now but if you haven’t you can thank The Londoner for coming up with the idea and my friend Kate (who’s from London strangely enough) for getting me hooked on them. I usually will whip up a batch from scratch whenever she visits but today ain’t that kinda day and I didn’t want to be stuck inside if the weather happens to clear up later on.


While making my grocery list earlier in the week, I had added Reece’s cups for another recipe that my friend requested for church Sunday, but since the weekend is 5 days away, and I had them right here in front of me already, I decided to add an extra twist to my Slutty Brownies ala Miss Moochie.

If you have never tried any version of a Slutty Brownie you are seriously missing out. They are absolutely divine!


(Please excuse the sloppy photos. I was trying to only use my iPhone camera today and to make it through at least one blog post this week without having to mess with my DSLR and laptop.)


This batch will be served as dessert a la mode style, warm and topped with cold vanilla ice cream, to the friends that are coming over for dinner tonight. But since the sun is finally shining outside and the brownies are cooling on the rack, I’m going to sign off for a bit and try to enjoy this break in the weather because here in Tennessee, we can never tell how long any given weather will last. I’m off to enjoy the rest of my day and I hope you do the same! Have a great day y’all!

P.S. Don’t forget to grab your copy of Promise Me The Stars.


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