Today was…

I joined Snapchat finally. (So you can quit asking Tess. Just kidding. You know I love you girl!) Add me:

#newday #newmonth #newgoals #newme

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#Repost @shauna_harrison ・・・ Here’s to the Renegades. The legion of life hustlers. The creators. The opportunity pouncers. The seamless seamstresses. The curators of circumstances. The designers of their days. The painters of their own portraits. The runners of the streets…and the back roads. The shapers of social norms. The points that skew the data. The life seekers. The ones who dream in IMAX. The ones who can’t imagine not imagining. The undoers of all that has been done. The always-a-students who always do extra credit. The loners that the collective can’t quite catch. The start ups who finish up and never look down. The wanderers for whom the road less travelled is still too travelled. The ones guided by gut not GPS. Here’s to these bad asses for doing sh!t their way. To the no cookie cutter zone that surrounds them. And to the shattered molds on which they stand. #TheRenegadeWay #BossUp #TeamRenegades #IWILLWHATIWANT #undoordinary #lifeseeker

A post shared by Rita Bellinger (@ribellephoto) on


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