Let’s Catch-Up

Sorry I haven’t posted anything new in the last two weeks but I have been otherwise occupied. First I was crazy busy with a twenty-book romantic suspense anthology that I had to edit before it’s publishing deadline which just so happened to be the same day as my local Hee Haw which is a family tradition. (If you don’t know, that’s a live comedy and music show based on the old television series of the same name with all the proceeds going to the local American Cancer Society Relay for Life. You can see some video from the local show here and here.)

Then a good friend of mine’s wife died very unexpectedly and her funeral was last weekend. Since I am all too familiar with what he’s now going through, I wanted to be there to show my support. It’s always a tragedy when it’s someone young but she had a heart of gold and was 100% his soulmate so it just makes it harder for those that knew her.

Throw in 1. some flooding 2. me winning tickets to a another local charity event, this one benefiting Habitat for Humanity, having a publicity photo taken with said tickets for the local newspaper, and then getting so sick (PMS migraine) the day of the event that I never even made it out of my house 3. the time change 4. a friend of the family in the hospital 5. my mom catching bronchitis from one of her patients and now possibly giving it to me, etc. and you can see what I’ve been doing. I didn’t even celebrate St. Patty’s and I’m Irish!

Between the local charity events, the funeral last weekend, mom catching #bronchitis from a patient (which she may have now given to me), it’s not been a very productive week/weekend but I did get a few things accomplished so I’ll consider it a win. Among those few things was watching movies and season 2 of #Daredevil on #Netflix while surfing #Pinterest for new #smoothie and #smoothiebowl recipes that would use up all the mangos before they go bad (gift from a friend who doesn’t eat them) and the rest of the raspberry yogurt that’s in my fridge. Hey, meal planning for the week was on my list of to dos so I’ll consider it a win. #daredevilseason2 #daredevilnetflix #netflixbinge #netflixmarathon #bingewatching

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