Earth Day 2016

#Repost @sophiabush ・・・ It's #EarthDay bbs. I LOVE this planet. Don't you? It's home. Food. Travel. Art. Hockey. Literature. Comedy. Chocolate! All in one place. It's magic. So we need to take care of it. #Recycle. Forgo plastic bags. Reduce food waste. Participate in #MeatlessMonday. Or go big and go #VeganBefore6. Do your taxes online. In fact go totally paperless! Carpool — and get new music tips from friends — to work. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Or turn off the lights completely and have some sexy time by candlelight 😉 Host clothing swaps — basically a great excuse to drink wine and get free clothes with your best friends — instead of buying new shit. The list goes ON. There are so many easy, fun, chic ways to take care of this blue marble we live on. Do it for you. Do it for ME! DO IT FOR LEO!!! (my eco conscious babes @reformation know what's up) #EarthDay2016 #DoItForLeo ❤️♻️🌎🌿🌎♻️❤️

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#Repost @natgeo ・・・ I knew that hummingbirds would not be able to resist this luscious ginger flower at the edge of a cloud forest in Costa Rica, so I set up my camera and waited; it wasn’t long before a green-crowned brilliant buzzed in and sucked nectar while hovering in front of the flower, unaffected by bursts of light from my three strobes. Hummingbirds are an extreme consequence of a sugar-fueled existence. They are totally dependent on nectar to maintain their high-energy lifestyle, and zip from flower to flower with wing beats of up to 80 per second. From a plant’s perspective, hummingbirds are ideal pollinators: They are small and fast, and they need to visit many flowers in a short amount of time to get enough food–a perfect recipe for successful flower pollination. I share this image in honor of Earth Day. @natgeo @thephotosociety @franslanting @EarthDay #hummingbird #EarthDay #CostaRica #beauty #nature

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Other favorites from IG:
This Video:

And this sculpture:

British artist Jason Decaires Taylor’s (@jason_decaires_taylor) sculptures live under the sea. His newest aquatic installation is on display at the Atlantic Museum, an underwater museum off the coast of Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands. “A lot of the narrative of the sculptures is about global warming, about a denial of what’s happening to our resources,” he says of his sculptures. “On a practical level, they are designed to encourage people to go into the ocean, to get to know more about the environment.” Made from a special type of marine cement, the life-size pieces host different species of sponge, coral and fish. “I am hoping that in the future they will be completely inundated with life and transformed,” he says. #EarthDay Photo by @jason_decaires_taylor

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These too:

Find me where the wild things are🌲🌊 #earthday2016 pc: @matt_essman

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