#Repost @sophiabush ・・・ A #MondayMantra from a comrade we all miss, today especially … "Whatever you choose to do in this life … make a dent in the universe" – @danfredinburg #livedan #adventureawaits ✨ And few words from Dan's family, on how we can all make a dent, in his name. "Please join us in honoring Dan on the one year of his passing, April 25th. Dan’s family and The Dan Fredinburg Foundation would like donations to be used to create a permanent memorial for Dan at his high school alma-mater, the Arkansas School of Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts (ASMSA). These funds will also serve the purpose of giving brilliant girls and boys of all income levels access to a free high-quality STEM education. Dan does not currently have a permanent physical memorial so we have decided that we would like for his memorial to be through naming rights in the future technology center. This lab will be called The Dan Fredinburg Innovation lab. If we raise $50,000 more the entire floor will be named The Dan Fredinburg Technology Center. We are very excited for this opportunity to create a permanent memorial in his honor. If you'd like to donate please visit the link @danfredinburg bio All our love, The Dan Fredinburg Foundation (Tag @DanFredinburg, #AdventureAwaits or #LiveDan on social media to share how you are going to celebrate Dan)"

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Considering leap year, it's been 366 days since @danfredinburg tasked me with being the steward of the end game, which I know was a calculated decision on his part. Somehow he knew that I would have the strength to face the agony and bear the aftermath that haunts me. Though I would have preferred to continue sobbing in the privacy of my bathroom, Dan needed me. Writing this, the irony hits, reminding me of Dan’s 2014 Everest experience with the Sherpas – “no, no, it’s too soon!” “No, I must go and tell my family.” After only 30 minutes of grieving, I had to collect myself in order to tell my family the unbearable news, altering our universe. The memory of their cries still cuts my soul and brings me to a dark place. For Dan, I now challenge myself and my family out of the darkness and into the light. In search for peace, closure and the ability to live. Truly live. To #LiveDan, we have to find the light to honor him and ourselves. #adventureawaits #livedan

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I've grown a lot in the last year. I've stepped out of my comfort zones, reached a goal, met new people. Tears were shed, laughs rang out and smiles were wide. I remind myself that today is a new day. The day comes with new possibilities, new people to meet and an impression to be made. I choose to have a positive attitude when I reach for something. There is too much negativity these days and too much sadness in the world. A smile is contagious. A hug can say so much that words might not explain. Be there for a family member, a friend or a stranger. Everyone has struggles and bad days, but it could be YOU to turn it into a good one. To Dan, a man I never had the opportunity to meet in person. But through then powers of social media, I've been inspired to live like Dan. #livedan #belikedan #danimal

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