Meet Thor. 🐶 He's the newest addition to the menagerie of pets on this hillside. We found the little guy under the storage shed last night after he was chased by some of the other neighborhood dogs. Their barking is what caught our attention but man they had him scared to death. We talked to all my neighbors and nobody claimed him so I figure he was dropped off sometime yesterday and now, because I'm a sucker for animals, I have a new puppy to house train. He's as cute as he can be and is already eating solid (puppy) food so it could be worse and at least I know the little tyke will be taken care of from here on out. 🖊 Update: Well I guess I spoke too soon because one of the neighbors just came asking about the puppy. They were gone last night so I didn't speak to them but it still took them almost 24 hours to come checking about the little guy. If it didn't belong to their grand baby that's visiting from outta town, I wouldn't have given it back in all honesty because these are the same neighbors that beg for food and gas/cigarette money every other week. They can barely feed themselves much less a puppy that they left outside and forgot about. They've already lost (or supposedly given away but can't recall who to) the two dogs they had with them when they moved in just a few months ago. Grrr.

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