Chapter 8: August 

It's not often when I'm ready for Monday to arrive before the weekend even really gets here but today is one of those days! I'm hoping "Monday" is equivalent to "fresh start" because it's been that kind of week. Mom worked 4 doubles (Sat through Tue) so 1 of her coworkers could take a vacation before her regular teaching job started back up which means I had a very upset CoCo for 4.5 days nonstop. That alone would test my patience but Cali got hurt, couldn't walk without howling in pain and every cry from her made CoCo go nuts. Of course the dog's barking just made Cali try to run away and therefore cry louder so it was a endless cycle and made for a few very unpleasant days. Add in Mom's vehicle breaking down, which throws everything off schedule and she's not had that great of a week either. The Explorer has been towed twice this week, spent several nights in the shop and we're on fuel pump #3. The first was a complete dud, the second only lasted for a day and a half, quitting on her this afternoon when she tried to leave work. Needless to say she's not in a good mood right now. Doesn't help that she hates to inconvenience anyone but while the mechanic has got her SUV, she is having to rely on my aunt and uncle to shuffle her about. I'm thinking we all (including the mechanic!) may need a vacation after this week! So yeah Monday and that fresh start can't come soon enough at this point. But in the mean time a tall margarita or a nice glass of wine sounds really tempting…..

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