Weekend Recap and My Monday Mantra 


#Repost @instagram ・・・ Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPsymmetry The goal this weekend is to make symmetrical photos and videos, taking inspiration from London-based Michael Zee (@symmetrybreakfast), who creates mirrored meals every morning for himself and his partner, Mark. Tap our profile pic to see today’s Instagram story and learn what goes into creating one of Michael’s balanced breakfast spreads, then check out his tips for #WHPsymmetry below. Compose your frame so that each side of your picture is equal. “You’ve simply got to visualize a mirror in the middle.” Look for examples in both tiny details and larger landscapes. “Once you start looking for symmetry — in nature, architecture, art and so on — you’ll find it almost impossible to stop.” Don’t be afraid of imperfect symmetry. “I find it most beautiful when you can see the absolute tiniest of differences. I love wabi-sabi, the Japanese concept of beauty in the imperfect.” Project Rules: Please add the #WHPsymmetry hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week. Photo by @symmetrybreakfast

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Another reason to love these two amazing people! #Repost @coryt ・・・ A few years ago my beautiful woman cycled across Cambodia. While she was on her journey she came across a safe house for women who were victims of sex trafficking. It broke her heart and compelled her to help these women. At that time they needed to money for a van that would safely rescue them from their lives of being trafficked and bring them to the safe house. Because they were using motorcycles or something similar it would result in death at times because they would be chased down and run off the road for trying to escape. So she came back home and had an idea to start a fundraising skydive event that is held every year to help save as many women as possible. . That time has come again and it happens the 20th of August. If you can donate even $20 it would be a huge help to these women. If not that's completely ok, donations don't have to be monetary. The act of spreading the word over social media is also just as helpful. . Click the link in my bio to donate or share! . Here are some surprising facts- . $2 can provide a full day of nutritious meals for a helpless victim. . Children as young as 4 yrs old may be sold for as little as $50 US & forced to service up to 25-30 clients a day. . It can take 5 mins to save a girl from a brothel, but can take 5+ years for them to recover. Just $60 can give a year of therapy. . Did you know we have more people forced into slavery today than any other period in human history? . #18for18ProjectRescue #RandomActsOfHudson

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Gold Star Night

Baseball & Dedications



Not So Good Morning

Monday Mantra

Definitely appropriate today! #mondaymantra

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