Feeling Conflicted

I have friends going through different problems right now and I’m doing my part as a friend to stay out of it but to be there if they need a second opinion/advice or just a shoulder to cry on. The one thing that I can’t quit thinking about however isn’t happening to anyone I actually know. It’s happening to a complete stranger. He’s becoming overly invested in a relationship with a girl who I once considered family. 
See, I have a lot of friends and I have a lot of family. I only have a small group of friends that I consider family though and she used to be one of those so yes I know her very well. I have seen firsthand how she treats the men she gets involved with and I hate to standby, to do nothing, and to watch this innocent man become another statistic. 
But at the same time we were so close for so long that I feel bad if I say anything against her, even if there are too many lies and half-truths under the bridge to ever save that friendship. However this guy doesn’t know me from Eve and I don’t want my advice to drive him even further into a relationship with her because I’ve been down that road before too. 
Ex: The last time I tried to actually help her she did the one thing I asked her not to do and nearly destroyed someone I care about out of pure spite because she didn’t like my answer. And I had warned him about her beforehand because I could tell he was becoming infatuated by her shy and innocent act.
She’s even tried to blame me for stuff that never even happened and I do have to give her props because she is good at getting people to believe her version of the story. I have lost a few so called friends along the way because of her but if they were that easily turned then I didn’t need them anyway.
But when it’s all said and done, how can I watch this guy become her latest relationship chew toy? She uses them, bankrupts them and then discards them like trash along the highway. But if I say anything I’m risking (1) sending him further into her clutches (2) starting a feud between me and her which means (3) our mutual friends may get caught in the crossfire and (4) will more than likely have to choose sides but I might be able to save this guy and his friends/family. 
I know what I want to do and what I think is the morally right thing to do and what I probably should do but what would you do? And no before anyone asks I won’t name names on here because it’s nobody’s business until I have made up my mind.


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