Sleepy Morning 

My insomnia is acting crazier than usual. 
I was awake for somewhere around 40 hours straight, finally tired myself out to the point of being able to sleep and was in bed by midnight Friday night only to wake up before 6:30 the next morning. Yesterday was supposed to be a lazy day at home with nothing pressing to check off the to do list except watch Netflix and football. I caught most of the highlights from the Miami game but somehow fell asleep on the couch and missed both the Vols hail mary (not a UT fan but I can appreciate the play itself and for the sheer wow factor) and the entire Alabama game. 
At some point I officially went to bed but was back wide awake by 4 am. Now it’s a little before 9. I have had breakfast and even a good size dose of caffeine but it’s to no avail because I’m once again exhausted like I haven’t slept at all. But as tired as I am, I can’t sleep. The sleep I have managed to get this week has been nowhere near enough and I’ve used every trick in the book to get even that much. 
Ugh. I would gladly take a knock out pill right about now but the dang things don’t work on me. I have my naturally high pain tolerance to thank for that little gem because it doesn’t like to travel alone and came with a natural immunity to medication. I already use a cool/cold room, a custom cushioned sleep mask, blackout curtains, and a special sound effects playlist. Beyond literally knocking myself over the head, any suggestions?


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