The Travel Ban

I’ve bit my tongue and not said a whole lot about all the craziness that is politics today. But enough is enough people. As far as Trump being President goes: he won, get over it already.

As far as the immigration ban goes: I understand the motivation behind the We Are All Immigrants campaign and in any other circumstance, I would be applauding your open arms approach because there’s not enough compassion and love in the world. I’m Scotch, Irish, Italian and Native American. That means that yes I am an immigrant. I’m proud to have that heritage. It’s why I’ve studied other cultures and speak so many languages. But I am also a realist and with so much of my family being military (active, reservist and/or retired across the Army, Navy, Marines  and Air Force thank you very much) I am well versed in stories from the front lines and it’s not a pretty picture in these banned countries.
There’s a photo I recently saw online of a woman holding a protest sign about the USA giving the immigrants the same rights they would give us in their home countries. Whoever made the sign in question had the right idea and frankly your naïveté is beyond astounding so I’m going to put this in words you can understand.
There would be no welcoming committee with balloons and rainbow confetti offering us free cake and ice cream and a private tour of the local sites. There would be TORTURE. And PAIN. And if that wasn’t enough, there would be a filmed BEHEADING of YOU for your children to watch on YouTube and for your friends to see on CNN. That’s what would be waiting instead. That’s the reality some of you don’t seem to understand and it frustrates me to no end that you’re oblivious to it.
Yes, I love that America is the worlds melting pot. That you can meet people from 5 different countries before breakfast. Yes, I know that not all immigrants are terrorists and, yes, I know we’re not immune to domestic terrorism either. Unfortunately there’s no flashing neon sign that says “this guy right here is a really bad guy who wants to kill you because you’re American” so we have to protect ourselves and until times change, until hatred isn’t the word of the day, or until someone invents that neon sign, there needs to be a travel ban in place because it’s our responsibility to protect the country that so many great people have died defending.
If my word isn’t good enough maybe this guys will be.


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