Rita B.


Tennessee native, Rita Bellinger had her own byline at 13 and honestly hasn’t slowed down since. With a Associates degree in Photography from the New York Institute of Photography & a Bachelors in Business Administration from Almeda University, and professional experience ranging from food services and hospitality, to medicine, education, and telemarketing, she can handle almost anything that comes her way.


All that hands on training comes in handy though because Rita wears many hats in her day-to-day life and speaks just as many languages. She is a published photojournalist, a syndicated blogger and social commentator, a literary editor, and somehow still manages to find the time to volunteer. Oh and did I forget to mention, she also owns and operates a boutique photography studio but you can find out more about that here and on the Facebook page here.


When asked to best describe herself, Rita says that she is “equal parts southern belle, adrenaline junkie, nomadic-gypsy and nerdy-rocker chick.” The nomad part she blames on being born with both the travel bug gene and a perpetual case of wanderlust but in my opinion it might have something to do with those years spent chasing the next big story but that’s just this guy’s opinion. As far as the rest goes, I agree wholeheartedly, right down to the southern accent and the tattoos.


Some interesting facts about Rita:

  1. She was an Army widow at 24 but still supports the troops. Never let her hear you disparage our men and women in uniform. Trust me when I say that’s a fight you really don’t want to start. (I’ve been on the losing side of that Irish temper a few times and it’s better to learn from my mistakes, okay?)
  2. She is a total fiend for a good love story, in either book or movie form, but will never admit it out-loud.
  3. She is a die-hard Alabama Crimson Tide football fan which makes her the black sheep of her UT Vols loving extended family.
  4. Rita is addicted to mountain dew, white chocolate and shoes. Those are her three biggest vices.
  5. Her Eidetic memory earned her the nickname of Wikipedia from her closest friends.
  6. The photographic memory isn’t Rita’s only genetic quirk. She is also double jointed and ambidextrous; can roll her tongue, cross her eyes, raise either (or both) eyebrows, and she can also wiggle her nose.
  7. Never challenge her to a game of cut-throat. Or any pool game actually. That is unless you want to lose because she is damn good when she is “in the zone”
  8. Along that same line, I probably should warn you she is one heck of a poker player too.


This detailed “about me” was written by a dear friend of Rita’s on her behalf and with the understanding that she is not allowed to change it, no matter how embarrassing she finds it. 🙂


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