Why Read This Blog?

This is the blog on one Rita Bellinger, a modern-day gypsy and published photojournalist-turned-studio-owner, living in rural West Tennessee.

(If you made it this far then you probably already read my friend Devon’s about me post but if you didn’t you can click here.)

On this blog, I will be talking about things like:

  • my juggling act of dueling careers (photojournalist, studio and event photographer, literary editor, Philanthropic Chair of a non-profit)
  • my personal tragedies and overcoming widowhood at 24
  • the books I edit for work and those I read just for fun
  • favorite recipes and cooking how-to’s
  • the latest headlines ranging from news to sports to weather
  • my adventures on the road and the people I meet along the way
  • traveling tips and tricks including money-saving techniques
  • photography advice for both clients and photographers
  • photo showcases and galleries of recent clients
  • religion and yes, even politics
  • how I make the most out of everyday

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